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As soon as you arrive, we sit and talk about the kind of photos you like best, what you don’t like and which look you want to achieve. We then look through all your lingerie and shoes you brought and decide which outfits will work best.

Next your makeover artist will talk to you about the looks you like and about how you’d like to have your hair styled - don’t worry if you’ve no idea - we’ll help you out! Your makeover will take approx 1.5hours.

We'll leave you to change on your own and then we start! There is only the photographer Beate and you present during your shoot, unless the setting requires an assistant. Every shoot is fully coordinated and directed by Beate. You don’t have to worry about posing at all - Beate will pose you, arrange your hair, tell you where to look, what expression to have etc - simple!

The whole photo session length is determined by what package you choose. At the end, you change back into your comfy clothes-all done!

We will create a password protected online gallery for you within 48 hours of the shoot. The pictures will be virtually unedited, but we will edit 1-2 images for you to see an example of our edits.


Where will the photo shoot take place? Most shoots are at Beate's home studio in Los Angeles 90065 between DTLA and Glendale. On occassion Best Boudoir LA will be at a local hotel suite to mix things up. Make sure to follow us on Facbook or/and Twitter to find out dates.If you have a certain specific background in mind, check out some of the sudio pictures on the 'Locations' tab on this site. We also visit you at your home if you like, we will bring lights and equipment to you(ask for our travel fee).

Will I have a female photographer? Yes, your boudoir photographer is always Beate.

Who will do my makover and how long will it take? We have a team of highly professional female makeup artists and hair stylists and it will take about 1.5 hours to get ready for the shoot. The actual photo shoot length depends which package you choose, it varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Do I have any say in the types of shots I want? We talk before the shoot about your favorite types of photos and we’ll discuss what is most suitable for you.

Can my friend come with me? You are more than welcome to bring a  friend, they can even sit in for the shoot with you( not in the photo).

How many photos do you take and do I choose the ones I want? The amount of pictures you can choose from will be determined by what package or a la carte item you prefer. It can range from 30 to 110+ images to pick from.

Do I need to bring my own outfits? We have a small selection of lingery, but limited by size, please bring your own to ensure fit and comfort. To wear a favorite shirt of your gentleman or sportsteam may be a nice touch as well or bring some meaningful props,i.e. a soccerball, if your man loves soccer. You can be creative!

How many changes of lingerie should I bring? It varies between the type of package you choose. The mini boudoir session starts with one outfit and our premium session allows for upto 4 outfits. Always bring a couple more outfits, so we can decide what will work best.

I’m very shy and not sure I’m brave enough for a Boudoir Photo shoot? Everyone is shy and very nervous! - you’re only human! We do understand how scary it can be but we promise that as soon as you arrive you’ll forget your nerves and have a great time!

I’m a teacher, can you assure me that no images will go online? We always seek express permission from you before we put any images online, its totally fine if you’d rather keep them private.

Shall I have a spray tan? No! spray tan can look streaky and uneven under the spotlight- it does make a HUGE difference to the quality of your images - step away from the tan!

I really need to lose weight, what's the ideal size for a shoot? Any size!!!! If you’d feel better losing a few pounds then go for it but its not necessary at all for us to achieve a gorgeous look!

Can I bring my hair extensions? Yes of course! Our makeover artists will attach them and style in with your natural hair.

What if I a have a bruise or sore on my body, should I cancel or reschedule?We are able to retouch bruises, cuts or sores, sometimes we can avoid showing them in certain poses and angles.

How much re-touching do you do? We are very proficient at retouching and editing - in fact this is what makes us stand out from other Boudoir photographers. We pay special attention to lumps and bumps, spots etc but we never change you so much you’re unrecognizable! You’re just a smoother more polished version of your usual self - don’t forget that make-up and lighting go a long way to achieving our final look too.

Can I buy unedited raw photos? No, we sell only the finished high quality edited images. Images are our business and an ingredient in the boudoir photography experience we provide is our editing skills.