How sexy are you? Quiz


How sexy are you pinHow sexy are you?

Do you think you are less or more sexy than others? Take this test to find out how you measure up!

    1. What time of the day do you enjoy sex the most?

Mornings when I am fresh and rested
Anytime seems fine for me.
Evenings when I can prepare myself mentally to have sex.

    1. When do you feel sexy?

When I get compliments from my spouse.
When I am naked looking at myself in the mirror.
When I am dressed suggestively.

    1. Would you get dressed up in a costume for your spouse to spice things up?

Never! You get what you get!
That would be totally fun! Heck ya!
Maybe if it is not too crazy.

    1. Have you ever done a little sexting?

A little? Sexting is my middle name. Yes!
No I am a bit shy, it is just embarassing!
I have tried, but I don’t think I am good at it.

    1. How often do you initiate sex?

Most of the time

    1. Do you take sexy photos of yourself to share with your spouse?

I have, but when I was in better shape. Not lately
I would never do that! What for?
Yes, I enjoy it to show myself in a sexy pose for my spouse

    1. What is your idea of good sex?

Sex is like pizza, even if it’s bad it’s good! Any sex is good
When I can cuddle after sex, it feels good for me.
It’s only good when I am in love with my partner.

    1. What do your undergarments look like?

For special occassions I will wear something sexy
Always lacey, sexy outfits. Just in case!
Whatever has been in my drawers for years, mostly cotton briefs.

    1. Do you share sexual fantasies with your partner?

I have shared one before, but would like to get better at it
Of course! It’s more fun and we may get to try them out
No, that is private to me. I just go with whatever my partner like

    1. Have you ever considered a professional boudoir photoshoot?

I may do it one day, I have to look into it first
Never, I am too private to be photographed in lingerie
I am booking one today!

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