Boudoir Photography los Angeles poses

Old Hollywood Charm Boudoir for Today’s Ladies


Boudoir photography Los Angeles poses

When I look at the old time black and white movie star photos I get a sense of glamour and chic that today’s photography is sometimes lacking. Modern photography is beautiful as well and eye or lip color can enhance a photo, sometimes an HDR post production will add interest.

However in this series of photos I wanted to recreate the feel of Old Hollywood using black and white photography, lighting, hair and makeup. Rather than using flash photography I like using continuous light, especially spot lighting to add shadows and drama. My makeup artist did a wonderul job enhancing this lady’s hair and makeup with a touch of 50s style.

Boudoir Photography los Angeles poses

Another tool is to add the right props for a photo shoot like this. To keep things simple I like to use black backgrounds and satin sheets as seen in many black and white photos. Of course vintage furniture or lingerie are a nice touch as well, though not absolutely necessary.

I really like the outcome of these black and white photos and use them quite often on my client’s photos. Albums of this type are especially nice as they seem to be right out of another era and there is a surprise element when the viewer realizes that the woman pictured is their own wife, a soccer mom or friend.

Boudoir Photography los Angeles poses

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