Teasing without Sleazing in Boudoir Photography


In boudoir photography it is not all about showing everything. Yes it is sensual, sexy and provocative, yes it is often nude or implied nude, but it is not pornographic or sleazy.


Often times I have to reposition legs, hands or bodies to make them look more classy and tasteful, rather than spread legs and expose breasts. It is all about the story and mood in the picture and the photographer controls the tone of which the photo expresses.


The majority of my clients are wives, professionals and mothers who never had a professional photoshoot done before and rarely show their sensual side to anyone, but their spouse. It is very important to me to protect the ladies’ integrity, but at the same time allow them to be vulnerable and emotional.

The best photos happen when my clients trust me in my judgement and artistic eye to showcast them in images they will love forever. If you are curious about a boudoir photoshoot contact me here.




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