Husband's email of photoshopped boudoir photos go viral-Why he wanted to see her all natural.

Viral email of husband’s response of wive’s photoshopped boudoir photos

Husband's email of photoshopped boudoir photos go viral

Note: This is not the lady mentioned in the email or post.

As a boudoir photographer and female myself I understand the dilemma of editing very private images of my clients carefully. I usually take my time to discuss in detail what my client is looking for and how to make them happy and satisfied with their boudoir photo session and their edited digitals.

Many of the photos will be printed in a beautiful album or even become wall art, therefore they needs to be on point. However it is desireable to keep the photos as natural as possible.

I have had  a situation where a lady wanted to slim her face, nose and body significantly, to make her look like a different version of herself. After pointing out that the finished product may not resemble who she was she still wanted to follow through with a very heavy edit. It was not what I would choose for my client, but at the end of the day I want to make my boudoir clients happy!


It is always amazing to see the reaction of a significant other to the reveal of the images. I would love to be there for all of them, because they are usually very emotional and for the photographer rewarding and fulfilling. Most of my feedback is from my female clients directly and they will report me how much their husband’s like their images.


Husband's email of photoshopped boudoir photos go viral-Why he wanted to see her all natural.

Note: This is not the lady mentioned in the email or post.

Of course there are some responses that may be more witheld and private, but wouldn’t it be great to hear directly from the one person the photoshoot was for?

That is exactlty what happened to my collegue Victoria Caroline Haltom in San Antonio, who received a very honest and touching response from a loving husband, who missed some “flaws” he loves about his wife.

Read the full email below

( Warning! It may tear you up):

“These pictures…while they are beautiful and you are a very talented photographer…they are not my wife,” he said.

His heartfelt message continued with, “when you took away her stretch marks, you took away the documentation of my children. When you took away her wrinkles, you took away over two decades of our laughter, and our worries. When you took away her cellulite, you took away her love of baking and all the goodies we have eaten over the years.”

After posting this heartfelt reaction to her social media Haltom received an overwhelming response which has since then became viral.

Not only clients, but also friends of mine noticed and send me this post. How do you feel about your photos? Would you like to erase some of your unwanted features or are you happy with what you have?

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How sexy are you? Quiz


How sexy are you pinHow sexy are you?

Do you think you are less or more sexy than others? Take this test to find out how you measure up!

    1. What time of the day do you enjoy sex the most?

Mornings when I am fresh and rested
Anytime seems fine for me.
Evenings when I can prepare myself mentally to have sex.

    1. When do you feel sexy?

When I get compliments from my spouse.
When I am naked looking at myself in the mirror.
When I am dressed suggestively.

    1. Would you get dressed up in a costume for your spouse to spice things up?

Never! You get what you get!
That would be totally fun! Heck ya!
Maybe if it is not too crazy.

    1. Have you ever done a little sexting?

A little? Sexting is my middle name. Yes!
No I am a bit shy, it is just embarassing!
I have tried, but I don’t think I am good at it.

    1. How often do you initiate sex?

Most of the time

    1. Do you take sexy photos of yourself to share with your spouse?

I have, but when I was in better shape. Not lately
I would never do that! What for?
Yes, I enjoy it to show myself in a sexy pose for my spouse

    1. What is your idea of good sex?

Sex is like pizza, even if it’s bad it’s good! Any sex is good
When I can cuddle after sex, it feels good for me.
It’s only good when I am in love with my partner.

    1. What do your undergarments look like?

For special occassions I will wear something sexy
Always lacey, sexy outfits. Just in case!
Whatever has been in my drawers for years, mostly cotton briefs.

    1. Do you share sexual fantasies with your partner?

I have shared one before, but would like to get better at it
Of course! It’s more fun and we may get to try them out
No, that is private to me. I just go with whatever my partner like

    1. Have you ever considered a professional boudoir photoshoot?

I may do it one day, I have to look into it first
Never, I am too private to be photographed in lingerie
I am booking one today!

Book your boudoir session today to get in touch with your sexiness!
Boudoir empowers and strengthens your self image.


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How to create a portable flower wall backdrop for photography

Flower wall photography backdrop

Recently I created a 4’x6′ flower backdrop for my photo studio. This project took about 25 hours( over 3 days) and $150 to do. So it is actually very time consuming and not cheap, but the end result is great and very unique!

Flower wall backdrop for photography

I had seen a flower wall in photos on IG and loved the colorful happy feel it gave the photo. I actually contacted the photographer personally to find out where I could purchase the backdrop. She graciously returned my inquiry by telling me she had built her flower wall herself. Looking at her photos it appeared that her wall was stationary in a designated area of her studio.

My studio is small and I have to rearrange backdrops to accomplish different looks in my humble space. Therefore I knew that my flower wall I was about to create had to be portable and lightweight for that matter. Now I can use it in portrait or landcsape format.

Flower wall maternity photoshoot


I settled for a insulation board from Homedepot which has one silver reflective side and was like $20. The board is super light and was 8’x4′, too large to fit in my car, so I asked to get it cut down to 6’x4′. I kept the cutoff piece. (I use the cut off piece as a reflector now).

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.33.54 AM

My local dollar store is Dollar King in Glendale, CA and I bought a load of different colored silk flowers. My color theme is mainly kept pinks, reds, white and some yellow. During my project I went back 2 times to get more flowers and alltogether spent around $110 in flowers( if I had gone to my craft store it would have been easily double the amount) I also spent $20 for a new glue gun and glue sticks.

Flower wall photography backdrop

I decided to use the silver side of the board, because I was afraid that the blue print would have showed through th flowers. In hind sight I could have covered that side with white paper or duct tape to cover as I discovered later the silver would peek through a bit and show reflection and I had to add flowers super tightly to cover every bit of the board.

I pulled off the flowers it’s stems, but kept the single green base on each flower then and poked a hole with the hard green flower base individually into the board and then hot glued every single flower into the board. I carefully mixed up my colors and types of flowers.



This process is tedious and very time consuming. I don’t see how to speed up the process, except maybe to have multiple people help from each corner. Also if you try to cover your board with a white surface it may also beneficial as you could possibly spread your flowers slightly apart.flower wall

I was afraid to let my teenagers help me with gluing the flowers, because I thought it may show later different styles, therefore I dedicated my time to do this project all by myself.


The wall becomes a little bit heavier with the flowers on, but it s still light enough to handle bymyself easily, I can even transport it in my car if I want.Flower wall and chinese umbrella

I have done several photo shoots with it and love that I have it, though if I had known about the amount of work invloved I may not have done it.