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Hi, my name is Beate Pilgreen, I was born and raised in a small town in South West Germany, where I pursued fashion, modeling and fitness. I fell in love with California in 1992 and moved permanently to Los Angeles to enjoy the sun and the beach.

I always loved photography, because when I look at photos it brings back memories and feelings from the moment they were taken. That is why I have taken a gazillion photos of my two kids growing up. We love to sit, look at old photos, laugh and remember what it was like.

Approaching my 50s rapidly and raising 2 teenagers in a busy household I have come to understand the value of taking care of myself and how to refuel my energy levels so I am a better version of Me. Sometimes taking a few hours exclusively for myself can work wonders.

A few years back I discovered how much confidence and empowerment a well organized photoshoot would bring me. Often I don’t like to have my pictures taken, because I don’t wear makeup, have my hair in a bun or wear unflattering clothes. When I decided to do a boudoir shoot for my husband’s birthday I quickly realized that it was more a gift to myself than for him. I felt sexy, desireable and beautiful again, just like before having children.

That confident feeling is what I want other women to experience. I am passionate about boudoir photography, because it highlights the beauty of every women no matter what age, size, shape or color.

I love the creative preparation to hunt for props as well as the actual process of shooting and editing which is always interesting and different. At the end it is very fulfilling to have created a lasting beautiful memory for another women to keep.